Day: October 19, 2021

Pest Control: Poop on Roof, SydneyPest Control: Poop on Roof, Sydney

“Possum Piper” by Greg W. Proctor is a fun book about possum removal in Sydney, Australia. It was released in May 2021 and is the third in the “Possum Opera”, a series of novels about Australia’s unique flora and fauna. The main character, inspector Peter Bennett, sets out to find the source of a recent outbreak of the possum-borne disease in a Sydney suburb. Along the way, he has a run-in with the local resident, Mrs. Stanna who is not what she seems. This book is a hilarious romp about possum removal in Sydney.

How To Get Rid Of Possums

The story begins in the quiet, rural area of Stradbroke and follows along as the author describes the many visits from wildlife, the occasional snake, the occasional kangaroo, and other local creatures that simply are not part of our urban/urban environment. Throughout the novel, the reader learns about the invasive species that have come into Australia – mostly from shipping and agricultural products. Proctor also tells us about the problems that are being faced by scientists attempting to learn more about these creatures and their reproduction cycles. The basic premise behind the story is that the only way to effectively remove the possums is to use traps on the roofs of homes, businesses, and other buildings in the city. He eventually realizes that the only way to get rid of the pest completely is to use an animal pest control agent.

I enjoyed this book, it is a quick read, and has several good recipes that would go great in the house. My favorite recipe was one cup of ground beef, a cup of apple cider vinegar, two cups of tomato paste, and six or seven eggs. After I threw this all onto the roof and let it set overnight, I cleaned it out the next day. The next day, while having a barbecue, I noticed that there were still a few of them around, but they were dead – they had died from old age or dehydration. I would recommend “Possum Removal Sydney” to anyone living in or near Sydney, Australia.