Day: November 6, 2023

Strategic Leadership – What Does it Mean to Be a Strategic Leader?Strategic Leadership – What Does it Mean to Be a Strategic Leader?

Sales leadership afloat in these trying times requires more than just day-to-day operations. It also takes strategic leaders who can plan ahead to keep the business on a path of success. They can be open to “left-field” ideas, which may seem like a risk but can give them an advantage in the market. Strategic leadership also includes being an active listener so they can receive feedback from their team members and employees.

A good strategy coach will help their client understand their strengths and weaknesses and guide them in the right direction for success. This requires a lot of trust but it’s essential to ensure the best possible results.

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It’s also inevitable that disagreements and competing priorities will arise when a company is building its strategy. A good strategy coach will help their client work through these issues without sacrificing the analytical rigor and broad-based commitment that come from the human dimension of strategy building.

Predicting change is always a difficult task, but strategic leaders are able to think about the future while still operating in the present. This allows them to prepare for changes that might be coming before they happen and take advantage of them if they do. They can see the big picture and know when to make tough decisions and can adapt their approach based on the current market conditions. Examples of strategic leaders include Amazon founder Jeff Bezos who moved his online bookstore into streaming movies, virtual assistants and cloud infrastructure services; and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who is redefining political leadership with her willingness to challenge archetypes and prejudice.