Day: December 6, 2023

How to Build Trustworthy Resin Flooring ContractorsHow to Build Trustworthy Resin Flooring Contractors

Trusted resin flooring contractors know how to balance project budgets with the right level of floor protection and visual design. They also understand how to prevent common issues that may arise during an installation. These can include a lack of preparation, work area contamination, substrate pinholes and long downtimes that create a gap between expectations and results.

Resin floors are among the strongest currently available, with tight molecular bonds that resist damage from impact, abrasion and a wide range of chemicals. They’re also easy to clean, waterproof and have good thermal insulation properties. Some can be modified for specialized appearances via sand additives without compromising the floors’ defensive traits.

Reliable Underfoot: The Importance of Trusted Resin Flooring Contractors

Some basic costs go hand-in-hand with any resin flooring system — namely, the cost of raw materials and labor. However, there are additional expenses that can impact the overall project budget. For example, a poor substrate can add thousands of dollars in extra costs for excavation, resurfacing or concrete repairs. A poorly-designed floor can also result in unforeseen maintenance, operational downtime and rework costs.

Sadly, the same issues that plague other types of construction projects also affect resin flooring installers — from specifications written for non-technical design professionals to working with a project site that’s not ready for an epoxy application. The solution is to support and build the skills of architects, specifiers and design professionals through education pathways like continuing professional development. This will ensure that the professionals can deliver specifications that are relevant to the industry and can be implemented by resin flooring contractors.