Athletic Fit Shorts


athletic fit shorts

When it comes to shorts, one needs a tailored look and length that flatters the body. Shorts that are too short look tacky and those that are too long appear frumpy. Athletic fit or muscle shape fits provide a form fitted look that’s tailored to an athletes waist, thighs, and seat without a skin tight appearance or constrained feel. Learn more athletic fit shorts –

Unleash Your Performance: The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Mobility in Athletic Fit Shorts”

Athletic shorts are usually loose fitting and made from nylon for shape and cotton jersey for breathability. These are worn by men and women when working out at the gym, playing racquetball or other sports. Running and biking shorts are typically tighter and made from lycra and spandex to prevent chafing and add performance. Swimming or trunks are usually made from quick drying, shape retaining nylon and are shorter than a pair of walking or running shorts.

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