Body Rafting in Gole Alcantara


Body rafting in gole alcantara

The Alcantara Gorge is home to the famous Alcantara Body Rafting and River Trekking. The gorge is a natural park with a unique geological and botanical beauty. The river that feeds the gorge is the Alcantara. It has a 30 meter high wall and surrounded by forests. Hence, the river stretches for miles through this UNESCO World Heritage site. How to Know About Ulteriori informazioni?

How to Do Body Rafting in Gole Alcantara

Guests should be in good health to participate in the Body Rafting activity in Gole della Cantara Gorges. The water temperature of the Alcantara River is around ten degrees Celsius or fifty degrees Fahrenheit. The Alcantara Gorges is located in the eastern part of Sicily, near Giardini Naxos. The gorges are home to a beautiful canyon which stretches for almost 30 meters.

The Alcantara River is an exciting adventure for anyone who loves nature. It is located in Italy’s Giardini Naxos National Park and is about 50 km long. The Alcantara Gorges are a popular tourist destination due to the Cascade of Venus, a mythical waterfall that depicts the Goddess of beauty. Although the river is not extremely deep and requires minimum skills, it does not require much experience. The technical equipment includes helmet, wetsuit, shoes, and a life jacket.

Unlike most tourist activities, body rafting in Gole Alcantara is relatively easy and safe. It is best to be in good physical condition and have good aquaticita. You will need to be physically fit and have some experience before trying this activity. However, the Alcantara Gorges are the perfect place for an authentic, breathtaking adventure. You will be enchanted by the natural beauty and the beautiful vistas of this region.

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