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torquay kindergarten

Torquay Kindergarten, a Center-Based Daycare centre, is located at 27 Grossmans Road, in the coastal village of Torquay VIC in the coastal community of Torquay VIC in Australia. The Centre is operated by Grampian Learning Alliance (GLA), which also operates the Primary Schools in the area. The centre offers preschool services as well as an after-school program in partnership with the Vollies School, a private school for two to three years old located on nearby Coffs Harbour road. Torquay Kindergarten offers a Preschool, Special Education and Kindergarten services as well as a host of after-school and community activities.

How to choose the best Day Care Facility in Torquay?

Since inception, the centre has adapted to meet the changing needs of families across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. The innovative, flexible services have created a daycare community that caters to the unique educational needs of families whilst still providing an environment where children can enjoy learning and interact with other children. The preschool curriculum includes subjects such as Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Environment Technology. The centre prides itself on being “child centered” and incorporates a strong community spirit.

Services include: * Preschool programs * Early childhood education programs * Special education programs * Arts programs for kindergarteners and young children * Arts programs including music, drama and craft * Early childhood development classes, including music, movement and sport * Life skills training and daily enrichment courses * Nursery care providing vaccinations and checkups The centre boasts a staff of dedicated and experienced teachers who are committed to offering a warm, friendly and engaging environment for your child. The centre prides itself on providing state of-the art facilities that are designed to provide your child with a stimulating and exciting environment. The teachers are highly qualified and experienced. In addition, the centre prides itself on offering a warm and encouraging atmosphere, free from racial discrimination, safe haven for your child and above all a place you feel comfortable sending your child to learn and grow. The centre offers home-based care services and is fully licensed and insured.

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