Find IP Address – How to Find Someone’s IP Address


You may have heard that your find IP address connects you to the world via a global network, in much the same way that your home’s physical address connects you to a mail/postal or package delivery system. This is a useful analogy, but it’s not entirely accurate.

What your IP address does is identify you to the wider internet, and it does so on a numeric basis, not a geographical one (though some erroneously compare it to home addresses). The way that happens is by using something called an IP protocol, whose designers created two versions of it: IPv4 and IPv6.

Locating IP Addresses: Find IP Address

The most common ways to find someone’s IP address are through online tools like ours, or by using the netstat command in a chat client that supports direct peer-to-peer connections (e.g., Slack or Facebook Messenger). This method usually provides a state and city location along with the ISP, browser, operating system, and more.

It’s important to note that most devices have two types of IP addresses. The public/external one applies to the main device people use to connect their home or office router to their internet service provider (ISP), and it’s the one bad actors can track. The private one, on the other hand, only communicates with the devices inside your local network, such as a printer or TV set. You’ll only need to know your private IP address if you’re setting up a server or setting up remote access with another device.

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