Greenhouse Accessories


green house accessories

Whether you already own a greenhouse or are just thinking about buying one, there are some essential accessories that make the structure function properly. Greenhouse accessories help you work more efficiently, get your plants growing faster, and ensure that your greenhouse has the correct climate. They can also provide additional protection from the elements and pests.

The most important accessory is a good green house accessories heater. The type of heating you need depends on the size of your greenhouse and the conditions outside it. Some greenhouses require a simple electric heating system while others need a gas heater or even an air conditioning unit. A greenhouse cover will protect your plants from frost and cold, but you can also buy a retractable or roll-up window for added protection from the sun.

Essential Greenhouse Accessories: Tools and Supplies for Successful Gardening

Seed trays are useful greenhouse accessories that make it easier to propagate and nurture new plants. They can be bought in packs of five and come with 24, 40 or 75 cell inserts. The raised channels in these trays, like this one by Bosmere, keep water from pooling and prevent soil erosion. A scoop is a handy tool for all potting on and planting jobs and can be bought in either a steel or ash model.

A watering can is an important greenhouse accessory as it lets you water plants on an individual basis rather than giving them a general spray. A rust proof steel version by Haws is a classic choice and would be perfect for any greenhouse. An automatic drip watering system is another useful greenhouse accessory. It irrigates your crops using a tank filled with water that is drawn to each plant and delivered through drippers to the roots.

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