How to Buy Wholesale Body Piercing Jewelry


The wholesale piercing jewelry you choose for your piercings has a huge impact on how well they heal. You want to ensure that the jewelry you buy is made from a material that will not react with your body. Some materials like silver and plated jewelry can cause skin irritation, corrode, or stain.

How to find quality piercing jewelry?

Size: When buying body piercing jewelry, always measure the inner diameter of the piece. This measurement can be determined by inserting a standard earring post into your piercing and marking off the spot where you would like the jewelry to fit. Then use a ruler to measure the length of that spot.

Gauge: When sizing body jewelry, it is important to know the gauge of the metal. The smaller the number, the thinner the jewelry. For example, an 18 gauge ring is thicker than a 22 gauge ring.

The inner diameter of the ring is determined by the diameter of the ring (its thickness). It can be difficult to determine the inner diameter by eye, which is why it is recommended that you ask your piercer for help with this.

What to Look for: It is vital to buy body piercing jewelry that is made of implant grade stainless steel, titanium, or gold (14k or higher). Acrylic should not be used in initial piercings because it is not autoclavable and can crack, shatter, or cloud on contact with alcohol, hair products, mouthwashes, and other chemicals.

Where to Buy: Wholesale body piercing jewelry is often sold in bulk at a piercing shop. These shops sell body piercing jewelry at an extremely low cost.

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