How to Find Your Phone’s Eid Number


Whats eid number is a 32-digit identifier that’s embedded in smartphones that support eSIM chips. This allows telecommunications providers to remotely provision and manage eSIM profiles on a device without having to swap out a physical SIM card.

You can find your eID number by checking your phone’s settings. It will be listed in the general information section, usually near “About the Phone.”

If you’re using an iPhone, the EID number can also be found by tapping on the Settings app and going to General. From there, you can select the About Phone option. The EID number should be one of the first pieces of information that will appear.

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In the case of Android phones, finding an eID number is more complicated. Fortunately, most brands include their EID numbers on the box of the smartphone, making it easy for users to check their own devices. For example, Samsung Galaxy smartphones have the EID number printed on the back of the device’s packaging.

Eid is a global festival and celebration for Muslims, marking the end of the month of Ramadan. It’s a time for reflection and renewal, and to honor those less fortunate than ourselves. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to practice the Muslim virtue of charity, or Zakat.

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