How to Make a Custom Phone Case for Your Shopify Store


A Custom phone case is a practical way to personalize a device. They can feature clear parts to protect the screen, and also contain important graphics and text. These cases can also be made to include a logo or other design elements. After approving the design, the case is printed by a trained operator. Afterward, a poly bubble padded mailer is used to ship the product. It is important to remember that these cases aren’t shock-proof.

Made Of Biodegradable Plastic Or A Wooden Case For A Softer Touch

Once you’ve decided on your niche, the next step is to determine how to make the design. There are many ways to make a custom phone case, and some of the most popular methods are to design them digitally or hire a professional designer to create a design. Whatever you choose, focus on attracting the right customers and getting your products in front of them. You can start your business as a side-gig or grow it into a full-time small business.

If you want to sell custom phone cases, you can consider using a dropshipping service such as Printify or Oberlo. These services will import phone cases from Aliexpress into your Shopify store. During the process, you will have to select your business name and logo. If you don’t want to create a custom logo, you can use a design tool like Hatchful to create a design that suits your brand.

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