How to Make Custom Beer Labels Stand Out on the Shelf or at a Party


custom beer labels

Whether you’re a small brewery or a home brewer, custom beer labels are a great way to make your beer stand out. Not only do they showcase your brew’s unique ingredients and taste, but they also help build brand awareness for your business or hobby.

Stand Out on the Shelf or at a Party

It’s not enough to simply put your brewing name on a bottle – the label design is equally as important in getting people to buy your beer. Whether you choose to have your logo or a unique illustration for your beer, you can create a beer label that will stand out and catch the eye of the consumer.

Your brewery or brand name should be displayed prominently on your beer label, along with a clear indication of what type of beer it is (such as ale, lager, or craft beer). You’ll need to specify the alcohol content as well, as per regulations set by the TTB. This is usually done by stating the net volume in imperial ounces (or metric liters for overseas beers).

Your choice of paper type will have an impact on how your beer labels look. We offer paper options that are indoor durable and designed to resist oils like condensation, as well as water-based abrasions and spillage. You can also choose from a number of finishes that will enhance your beer labels, including gloss or matte UV varnishes and laminates. A gloss varnish is glossy and gives your beer labels a shiny appearance, while a matte varnish provides a dull and flat appearance with no shine.

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