How to Wear Leggings With Confidence



If you’re a guy who likes to work out, leghongs might be just what you need to look good and feel great at the gym. While some guys are comfortable in them, others remain skeptical of them—thinking they’ll leave their legs looking saggy and unattractive, or that the tight fit will cause “chafing” or worse. But the truth is that you can wear leggings with confidence if you take the time to shop smartly and know what to look for.

Leggings can be worn with skirts for a cute and casual look. Choose a skirt with a pattern, and pair it with leggings of a color that complements the skirt’s design. For example, a skirt with a floral pattern should be paired with leggings that have a floral print. The outfit can also be complemented by a pair of flats or low boots.

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Similarly, you can wear leggings with shorts for a warm-weather or springy look. The key is to choose shorts that are not too baggy or they may clash with the leggings. When it comes to choosing the right length, you want them to be close to the knee, but not so tight they make your thighs look too small.

If you’re planning to wear leggings for work, consider the dress code of your company and any meetings that might be on your schedule. It’s also a good idea to think about the message you want your outfit to convey: Do you prefer to appear professional and put-together, or do you want to look more laid-back?

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