Industrial Swing Gates


Adding a safety gate to your industrial property is a smart way to enhance its functionality and increase safety for employees. A sturdy metal swing gate restricts access to sensitive or restricted areas, and it can also help improve loading dock safety. Learn more

The type of gate you choose is based on several criteria, including the size and weight of the gate panel, the location and structure of the entrance and the level of security required. The most common style is the swing gate, which opens inwards. It is possible to open this gate manually, with a key, or it can be automatically controlled by an operator.

The Advantages of Using Automated Industrial Swing Gates

Another choice is the sliding gate, which requires a runback space to be fitted along a wall or fence. It can be cantilevered or tracked. A cantilevered system doesn’t need a ground track, so it won’t be obstructed by snow or ice, but a tracked system needs to be kept clear for effective operation.

When deciding on an industrial swing gate, it’s important to consider the number of daily operations or “duty cycle” that it will be used for. Some operators are designed to work all day, while others may be more suited for less frequent usage.

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