Is Cheerleading in Sydney Hurting the Cheerleading Community?


Being a Coach and Student Development Officer for cheerleading in Sydney, I am constantly looking for ways that I can better support the local cheerleading teams and encourage them to maintain a positive culture both on and off the field. Many of the local cheerleading squads have very tight-knit groups of dedicated and talented young women and girls, however these girls often don’t interact much outside of the training sessions and games. Often they don’t socialize much at all and it’s been my experience that most of these young aspiring cheerleaders don’t really interact much with other people outside their smaller knit group.

Many Different types of competitive cheerleading in Sydney

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So as a Coach, I’ve found it important to get them out and meet other people and start building a stronger sense of community between the cheerleading squad and their smaller peers. It seems to be a problem that is prevalent more than not in many high schools and one that need to be addressed. There is a need to create a strong positive culture within the cheerleading in Sydney group and not just have a bunch of individuals that are there to put on a show for the coach. That isn’t going to create a sustainable or long term positive culture. I believe in the old saying “the show must go on” and I believe that a good Coach and Student Development Officer will do their best to foster a strong and vibrant cheerleading in Sydney program.

In summary, I believe the above to be true for the cheerleading in Sydney group. It has been my experience that many of these young girls that are attending high school cheer competitions in Sydney are not being challenged to build a team, nor do they seem to be challenged to build a positive culture. On the contrary, I have noticed that they tend to stick to themselves and develop an inner wall as their protection from the harshness of competition. It has taken some time for me to get past this perception, but I have been seeing this trend across many different types of competitive cheerleading in Sydney events, and I attribute this to a need for a strong family environment and an emphasis on building a positive culture rather than a short term focus on competition. Please consider all this.

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