Marimo – A Green Algae



Marimo are one-of-a-kind green algae that can only be found in a few lakes in Iceland, Japan, Scotland, Estonia and Australia. Despite their name, they are not moss at all and don’t affix themselves to anything like mosses do. They are very interesting and require little special care as they reproduce naturally.

They do not need supplemental fertilizer as they make their own food by photosynthesis. They do, however, need to be kept in a cool environment. Warm water does not agree with them and they will turn brown. They prefer a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius and need to be placed away from direct sunlight.

Marimo: The Adorable and Low-Maintenance Aquatic Pet for Your Aquarium

They need a partial water change every 10 days. The water is emptied, squeezed and then replaced with fresh water. During this process, the Marimo is swirled around in the palm of your hand to release oxygen and stimulate its growth.

It’s a good idea to use distilled water as it is better for their health than tap water. It is also helpful to add aquarium salt as it helps the moss balls maintain their round shape and keeps them healthy.

Marimo are a very popular souvenir item from Hokkaido and are often sold in glass jars and bowls. They can be added to an aquarium or even a terrarium (water-less tank). If they are in an aquarium, they are best housed separately as they will fight with other plants for space and nutrients.

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