Norwich City Hockey Club


Norwich City Hockey Club is the official ice hockey team of the county of Norfolk, England. The club has had a lot of success in the area over the years and they have qualified in the past two tournaments. They play at the famed Devonshire Lawn Tennis Club and the County Stadium. This will be the teams final game of this season as they try to qualify for the FA Trophy, which is given to the winner each year. Click here –

All About Norwich City Hockey Club

If you are not aware of what the FA Cup means, it is simply the championship trophy given to the winners of the different football competitions that are held in the United Kingdom. It is also known as the English FA Cup. In the recent past, Norwich has won the trophy three out of four times and is favorites to win against Burnley in the next game in what promises to be a great competition. The United States has a similar competition called the Stanley Cup and this is usually awarded to the team with the most wins during the year.

The hockey team plays at the famous Norwich City Stadium, which is one of the oldest stadiums in the world. It is also the home of Norwich City FC where the local group of fans travel to watch matches all the time. This venue has seen some dark days in its history but the team always manages to put on a good show. Norwich has a rich history and the city embraces their history in the best way possible. Some of the other events that are hosted by Norwich City are a range of cultural shows and festivals. These range from music to theatre and include plays and films along with traditional music and food.

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