Psychedelic Mushroom Dispensary


Psychedelic mushroom shops have burst into existence across North America, catering to intrepid psychonauts who wish to bravely explore the inner reaches of their psyche through mind-altering drugs and people hoping to alleviate physical or mental suffering. These mushroom shops, like cannabis dispensaries, operate in a legal gray area that often flies under the radar of police. Learn more

Dana Larsen, owner of a Vancouver mushroom store, says he has no plans to stop selling psilocybin. He believes the government will eventually recognize that psilocybin can help with PTSD and other conditions. He also thinks the shops will help normalize the drug.

At Chillum, Carlos Hermida offers capsules and gummies containing mushrooms that contain Amanita muscaria, not the outlawed psilocybin, which is why he refers to his product as “magic mushrooms.” He’s even sold kits that allow customers to grow their own magic mushrooms at home. But Hermida warns people that there is a high risk of having a bad trip if you take them with other drugs, including legal ones like over-the-counter medications and certain psychiatric medications. It’s called polydrug use, and it can lead to a dangerous combination of substances that produces a variety of different effects including hallucinations.

Finding the Best Magic Mushroom Dispensary in Ottawa

Darren Lyman has opened a similar shop in Eugene, Oregon. His small studio serves as a kind of support center. Clients call ahead to schedule a session, which starts with a chat about the intoxicating effects of psilocybin and ends with four grams of blue-streaked Penis Envy mushrooms. It costs $30.

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