Skip Hire – A Convenient Way to Get Rid of Construction Debris and Large Amounts of Waste


Skip Hire Near Me

A skip hire service can be a convenient way to get rid of construction debris and large amounts of waste. You can fill the skip at your convenience and then let the skip hire company dispose of the contents. The skips can be picked up the same day they are filled or kept for up to two weeks. The collection period depends on the city and the requirements of your project.

There are several types of skips available for hire, including construction waste, green waste, household waste, and industrial waste. The materials you can place in a skip include plastics, metals, glass, plasterboard, and furniture. However, you should never put hazardous materials in a skip. Before you hire a skip, make sure that the skip is permitted in the area where you live.

In addition to offering affordable prices, skip hire is also a great eco-friendly solution to large amounts of waste. Many skip hire companies will sort the waste, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and damage to the environment. Paper, for example, makes up 50 percent of landfill waste. However, paper is easily recycled.

Using a skip hire service is a convenient option for large-scale renovation projects. The cost of hiring a skip depends on the type of waste you’re throwing, how much you’re removing, and how long you need the skip for. Some skip hire companies offer unlimited skip hire, which means that you don’t have to worry about paying extra for a larger skip.

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