The Benefits of Phenolic Tags


Phenolic tags (also known as Lamacoid) are custom engraved nameplates and labels made of phenolic plastic. Phenolic is a high-quality, thermoset material with good mechanical strength and dimensional stability. It is also highly durable and heat resistant, making it an ideal choice for harsh environments such as electrical panels or industrial machinery. The durable, scratch-proof material is also able to withstand vibration. It can be engraved in primary safety colors, making it the perfect option for hazard identification or warning signs and instructions.

What are the benefits of using phenolic tags?

In addition to their extreme durability, phenolic labels are well-known for their ability to endure challenging conditions. They are able to resist fluctuating temperatures, corrosive chemicals, and physical stress. In a hazardous work environment, it is important to use the most durable tags possible to ensure that they remain legible and clearly visible for as long as possible.

Unlike metal labels, Phenolic tags do not rust and will not degrade due to environmental factors. They are also able to be used in wet or damp locations without deteriorating. Additionally, phenolic labels are resistant to UV radiation and will not discolor, making them the ideal label material for outdoor work environments.

Tags are an essential tool in ensuring that employees are aware of all potential hazards and safe working practices in the workplace. They are used to identify a specific condition or piece of equipment and can include a pictograph, a signal word, or a written instruction. Danger tags are used to alert employees of a major hazard that presents a threat of serious injury or death.

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