The Ryderwear D-Mak


ryderwear dmak

Touted as the best lifting shoe around, the ryderwear dmak is a winner. The shoe features a tapered design, a high performance flat rubber sole, and a padded interior. The D-Mak is a worthy successor to the original D-Mak.

The D-Mak’s big brother, the D-Mak Rapid, is an upgraded version of its predecessor. The D-Mak Rapid is a shoe for the modern lifter, and it’s a good thing too. It features a flat rubber sole, a padded interior, and multiple textures. The most impressive feature is the’middle’, a middle compartment that is shaped like a clamshell. Designed for heavy duty lifting, the clamshell compartment is a worthy successor to the original D-Mak.

D-MAKS are Back on the Block

A shoe aficionado will tell you the D-Mak is a tough act to follow. They are available in a wide variety of styles, from the traditional black leather to the bling bling carbon fibre variant. Despite the wide selection, Ryderwear has not updated their Amazon store to match the latest styles. They may not be the cheapest shoes around, but they do the job well. If you’re looking for a shoe that’s not only a winner, but also a wowed recipient, the D-Mak is the one for you.

The D-Mak’s most recent iteration, the D-Mak Block, is a worthy successor to its predecessor, and it’s a definite winner in the weightlifting department. The best part is it isn’t a boot; you can slip your feet into these babies in seconds, thanks to a tapered design.

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