Theatre-Style, Cabaret and Banquet Style Seating


If you’re planning a large-scale event, then choosing the right seating arrangement can make or break the event. Seating styles like theatre-style seating, cabaret style, or banquet style have a massive impact on the audience’s interaction with your event and can really help communicate your message to your attendees.

Theatre style, also known as auditorium style, is an ideal choice for events that involve presentations or performances. This arrangement is most commonly seen in theatres and cinemas, but can also be found in conference rooms and lecture halls. The seats are arranged in rows with all attendees facing the stage, providing a clear view of the action for everyone in the room.

Creating an Intimate Experience: Exploring Theatre-Style Seating Options

This is the simplest and most common seating layout, it’s great for events that require audience participation and works well in venues with flat floor surfaces. It’s also very easy to set up, making it a popular choice for large events.

The only downside to this seating arrangement is that it’s a little impersonal, as guests are seated fairly close together. This can make it difficult for attendees to chat with each other, or even take notes. This style can also be difficult for those who need to leave or go to the bathroom during a presentation as they will have to push past several other guests to do so.

An alternative to the traditional theatre style of seating are box seats, which offer a slightly more private experience by being removed from the row seating. These are often available for a premium price, but can provide a much more comfortable and intimate experience for your audience.

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