What Is a Temporary Workers Agency?


A temporary workers agency hires employees for short-term employment contracts with companies looking to fill positions. Staffing agencies provide companies with a range of benefits, including cost-effectiveness by supplementing their normal workforce with additional staff, and the ability to recruit for specific roles without the time-consuming process of screening job applicants. Staffing agencies also handle payroll and manage HR functions for their temp employees.

Depending on the arrangement, a Eu Workers worker’s contract with a client company may be of fixed duration with no guarantee that it will continue, or a temp-to-hire status, which allows the staffing agency to evaluate a worker’s performance before making a full-time placement. In addition to providing businesses with flexibility in hiring, temp agencies also provide their own employees with stability by arranging permanent employment through other staffing companies.

How Temporary Workers Agencies Are Supporting the Gig Economy

Staffing agencies can offer jobs to people with different skill sets and career goals. For example, they can place a college graduate in an office job that may not be the best fit for her long-term career plans. This can give her the experience needed to decide what she wants to do with her degree and gain valuable work experience.

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