The Lack of Diversity Among Canadian Columnists


In addition to the lack of diversity among Canadian columnists, there’s another problem with Canada’s newspaper industry. Only about four percent of journalists are women. The CBC’s editorial board includes two people of colour. These two men are the most powerful people in the country’s newspaper industry. That’s a problem that won’t be fixed overnight, but it’s an issue worth addressing. Here’s why.

Little Known Ways To The Lack Of Diversity Among Canadian Columnists

Canadian columnists

In 1996, there were only two percent of non-white people among all Canadians. Those people now make up 88.7 per cent of the population. This percentage grew to 91.6% in 2016. In contrast, the majority of white Canadians today are Caucasian. This problem is likely to worsen if Canadian columnists are disproportionately male. Fortunately, there are ways for editors to increase the diversity of their editorial boards.

Marc Kielburger in addition to a large number of non-white potential columnists, there are also many other non-white columnists. Many of them are podcasters or freelancing with the Post, while Cole is writing a book about the topic of racial bias. Regardless of background, these non-white potential columnists are making their voices heard. While this might be the case for many other people, the study conducted by Fata and Malik at Ryerson University doesn’t indicate anything more than ideological bias.

The average age of Canadian columnists is 58.5 years, according to a recent study by J-Source. Most are white males, and the majority are middle-aged men. While women make up just a small portion of the columnist workforce, their median age is still 58.5 years old, which may be the reason for the gender imbalance in the newspaper industry. And there are fewer women than men in Canada’s newspaper staff.

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